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It all began in 1979...

The beginning

Abbot Kinney was not the once popular and chic-forward boulevard it is today. Abbot Kinney began with very rough roots and was plagued with crime, drugs and violence. 


Mr. Abbot Kinney

The innovator of AK

Mr. Abbot Kinney purchased the land in 1980 and renamed the town to Venice, after his most beloved European city in Italy. There, restaurants began to populate the once crime-ridden street and with it, along flocked artists. The culture slowly began to blossom, welcoming business opportunities and visitors from afar.

roosterfish bar venice painter.jpg

Roosterfish Original

A safe haven for the lgbt community

The LGBT community has endured extreme bigotry and hatred, which made going out and simply enjoying a beverage dangerous. When Roosterfish first opened, it quickly claimed itself as a gay bar, welcoming only patrons of similar sexual orientation. With this safe haven claimed, patrons were able to drink in peace without judgement from an archaic-minded society.


Roosterfish Today

A new phoenix

With modern day Roosterfish, its doors have reopened, welcoming in all walks of life. Roosterfish's deep history is just a part of its fantastic journey into Mr. Kinney's vision. As one of the original bars along Mr. Kinney's boulevard,   is a part of a rare collective of original restaurants along Abbot Kinney, embracing the openness that makes Venice, CA as unique and special as it is. Roosterfish was one of the first progressive bars for the community and the new owners have kept its namesake in respect to the history Roosterfish has undergone. Although, the name is still the same, the drinks have been updated and the bar has been given a modest facelift.